About the Magazine

Transcending the Mundane is a metal magazine that features a plethora of metal styles.  I am open minded and have a passion for all styles of heavy music.

Transcending the Mundane is a way for me to promote bands which deserve to be heard.  I enjoy writing about the bands that deserve press but don’t get it from the mainstream media and record labels.

I take pride in keeping people up to date on the multitude of new releases that flood the public on bandcamp and Spotify.  I try to make interviews a little more interesting to readers, seek out bands with originality and talent.  Interviews should appeal to both die hard fans of the particular band, but also serve as an introduction to potential fans who were unaware of that particular artist.

Transcending the Mundane printed 30 issues from 1999-2006.  My current goal is to have a digital issue printed on the first of each month.  This will be available for free to anyone.  Even though it will be digital, it will mimic the reading experience one would have with a magazine held in hand.